Welcome to Combo Truck and Trailer Service

Truck and trailer service under the same roof!

Combo Truck and Trailer service is the full service company for all your rolling equipment. We are specialized in repairing bulks/silos, cement trailers, freight wagons, and special equipment. And of course we also have a completely equipped periodic vehicle inspection station. Our experienced mechanics (who continuously follow courses to stay up-to-date) repair your trucks, trailers and compressors quickly and professionally. And of course we have high quality reading devices for all truck and trailer brands.

The future is ours

We believe in the power of development. As a training company, we want to help future generations to expand their technological knowledge and experience.

Huge storage capacity

We know velocity is important to you. That’s why we have a huge impressive storage with parts for bulk and intermodal equipment. If by any means we don’t have a specific part in stock, we’ll make sure to get it as fast as possible from one of our reliable partners.

Mobile service

We want to give you the best service possible with our fully equipped service van. We guarantee optimal service with only one goal: Keeping you rolling!

You must be able to count on your equipment

Nowadays Transport Companies and Carriers expect better achivements. This pressure demands a lot from your employees but also from your equipment.

You need to rely on your equipment for everyday use. You don’t want to disappoint your customers due to a late delivery or damage to their products. Combo Repair BV can be of great assistance. Through our experience in the area of maintenance we constantly trying to think ahead. Offcourse we will do all necessary repairs and checks, but we also look further than this.

We advice our customers about preventive maintenance and we give tips to prevent damage.

In this way, Combo Truck/Trailer Service Repair BV is a valuable addition in the quality of your organization.

Contact us when you are looking for service or maintenance for all your compressors.

Choose the best combo: let us take care or your trailers as well as your trucks.  This saves you time, money and frustration. We make sure to provide you with the best service so you don’t run into any unpleasant surprises.

We maintain, repair and inspect all trailers from all brands and also perform failure detection activities. We are a certified service partner of Broshuis and Spitzer.

We modify bulk trailers based on your specific wishes. If you describe what you need, then we make sure we get it done as fast as possible.

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